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a story of friendship, forgiving and forgetting, spiritual awakening and the meaning of family

Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie   by Kate E Thompson

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Believable and Satisfying

A Story of Friendship and Intimacy


Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie

by Kate E Thompson


       Noah Cathcart, Associate Pastor of his father’s church, is married to Grace, the Pinup Girl of Pastors’ Wives, and they have an 8-year-old son, a 3-legged Chihuahua and a mortgage. So far, Noah’s life has gone according to plan.

     One morning, he is rousted out of bed by his estranged brother, Anthony, asking him to help a friend, “Secret Agent” Mel, move into a shelter before he gets himself arrested. Noah heads to the homeless camp, planning to do a good deed and be home before Grace wakes up. Instead, he ends up in jail.

     Grace says he’s going to ruin everything. Why isn’t he sticking to the plan? He has to get back on track and he knows it, but he can’t stop thinking about Secret Agent Mel, or Justice, the accordion player he met in the police van, or the little girl wandering through the homeless camp in panda bear slippers. Or her mother.

     Church board members aren’t happy and his father is sorely disappointed. His life at home isn’t going any better. Grace isn’t as pious as he thought and his son, Gabe, who sucks his thumb and confides in a ratty, no-eyed rabbit, is in big trouble over what he took to show and tell. Now Anthony wants another favor and this one could threaten Noah’s career and relationship with their father.

     Noah’s best friend and fellow Bigfoot Hunter, Charlee Radcliff, who has her own problems, comes to Noah’s aid and they set out to put his life back in order. Will the Bigfoot Code they penned when they were kids help? Or will it take a tragic event to give him the courage to risk his plan and find out who Noah Cathcart is, what he wants in life and what it takes to be a father, husband, brother, son and pastor. The answer may be closer than he thinks.

     Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie is a story of friendship and intimacy, forgiving and forgetting, spiritual awakening and the meaning of family.


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"solid 4.5/5"

True to life characters

Review by Amanda Scott, Truth About Books


"Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie is a great novel about a man who is living life, and life can be a pretty dramatic experience if you really find yourself in the throes of it. That's what Noah does-- he finds himself in the middle of a really, really tough year, and we get to take his path with him to find out what exactly a Pastor does when he finds himself struggling with his faith, his family, and with what he thinks is wrong and right.


My favorite thing about this book is that Pastor Noah is at the forefront of it and religion is a huge part of his life, but I never felt like I was being preached at. I'm not a religious person in the least, but I really enjoyed watching how Noah navigated his struggle with what God wanted from him and what he wanted from himself, in addition to what his family and the community all expected from him. I think it's an extraordinary feat to keep someone who isn't interested in religion intrigued in the lives of people who are so focused on it, but Kate Thompson did it flawlessly. I felt hungry for this novel once I got into it-- I was dying to find out what was happening with everyone.


Another of my favorite things was that I didn't really like any of the characters. And I know that sounds like a negative thing, but I think for people, for all of us, when we're thrown into situations that bring out our struggles and our flaws, we aren't always likeable, and I felt that way about most of the characters here.  They do things that are not admirable and react in ways that aren't honorable-- and that's a true testament to writing a real person. I know I certainly don't behave favorably all the time either, and especially when times are as trying as the experiences Noah and his comrades are experiencing in a world where profit is more important than spreading God's word, and appearances are more important than truly doing things that make your heart happy.


Overall, I'll give Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie a solid 4.5/5. I recommend it to anyone who's interested in reading about, well... pretty much anything. There's not a lot better than being able to be intrigued by another human's experience."

Amanda Scott, Goodreads Review


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"Noah is the lens through which the reader examines their own relationship with faith."                                                                           

          San Francisco Review

"Find out what real friendship means"


"Couldn't put it down"


"Liked how Bigfoot tied in "


"Honest writing"


"Engaging story"


"All the way through, I'm thinking what's going to happen next?"


"Believable characters"

"Noah and Charlee know what it is like to have your back."

Peggy, Goodreads


"Readers will root for the good guy."

          Brett Dent, blogger book reviewer


​"A good read, Enjoyed very much"

          Luella Murphy, Amazon Reader

Meet Kate E Thompson

     Kate E Thompson, a northwest author and historian, is writing her second novel, a coming of age story about a 19th century Danish girl who is sent to America to join the Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kate’s research has led to many surprising revelations, including an unexpected side journey that’s taken her on a personal quest to find her ancestors and learn their stories.


Kate is fond of reading old diaries and letters and writes down catchy words and phrases from them. She makes handcrafted books, keeps detailed journals and a commonplace book. She stops at all bookstores, art galleries and historical museums.


Her third novel is about an 18th century Irish family and their pursuit of a better life which takes them to the West Indies and finally, to America.


Kate’s dog, Ali, a Goldendoodle, is her loyal writing companion.


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4.5/5 stars! "I felt hungry for this novel... I was dying to find out what was happening with everyone." Ashley Fae

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