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"New Halem...I wanted to move there."


    Nestled around a bay at the base of a mountain on the Oregon Coast, New Halem is a strangely exciting place created by a group of writers living in the Pacific Northwest. Each tale, set in this quirky community, gives a peek into the lives and secrets of its townspeople.


     William Cooke, the new publisher of the FishWrap Bugle, moved to the village to escape the attention that accompanies winning a mega lottery. A new romantic relationship is complicated by his secret financing of a controversial county project.

Don’t Let Them Know by Charles Thompson


     The Parking Lot Prophet, a mystic, lives in his truck and camper in a park by the sea. He is pulled into the secret of Miss Linny Jones and a pair of blue jeans that fell out of the sky into her dahlia field. They appear to have a life of their own.

Those Demon Denims! by Catherine Kigerl


      Adele Delacruz, a young widow, and her daughter move to New Halem to start over. She buys a bookstore and convinces her brother-in-law, Drew and his partner, Daniel, to open a restaurant. They struggle to fit into small town life that wants to keep their family relationships a secret.

In Which Relationships Are Key by Gwen Van Hout Knechtel


     Kevin McLeod, more ham than actor, detours on his way to a new gig in New Halem. He stops at the old town of Hemlock where years ago an erotic liaison took him back in time to a strange cave. After leaving Hemlock, he is pulled into a violent past with a hostile shaman, pirates and treasure.

The Cave by L. C. Mcgee


     Sheriff Astra Billings wants to know who she is. Her mother claims she was fathered by an asteroid that crashed through the bedroom roof. Astra's budding romance with a handsome newcomer, Matthew, is threatened by deadly secrets that follow him from his West Virginia past.

The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Son

a novella by Kate E Thompson


      There are eight other stories  about New Halem folks.You'll get to know Glenda Gadabout, the Society Editor at the FishWrap Bugle. There's a fortune teller in town, a panty bandit, an alien watcher and more. Everyone in New Halem is looking for friendship, solace, a fresh start, truth, forgiveness, and true love.


  New Halem Tales started as a challenge among writer friends, the 5 NW Authors


     After a glass of Merlot, or maybe a few, Gwen laid it down. “Let’s all write stories that take place in the same town; maybe a small town on the Oregon Coast. We could kick it off with a weekend beach retreat… for inspiration.”


     We found our inspiration during that weekend in Manzanita, Oregon and returned with the foundation of our village. Together, we created New Halem on a bay with a sandy hook and an imposing mountain towering over the landscape, Lahkanea, a spiritual place filled with mystery, native traditions, and stories passed from generation to generation. Each writer crafted their own tales of conflict, relationships, decisions, mistakes and unintended consequences.


     The village newspaper, The FishWrap Bugle, chronicles the day to day lives of New Halem's good citizens.  William Cooke is the publisher. There’s Sheriff Astra Billings, By-the-Book owner, Adele Delacruz, the young actor, Kevin McLeod and The Parking Lot Prophet who lives in a camper in a park by the sea and more. Sometimes one character appears in another’s tale.


     Everyone has a tale. They’re looking for friendship and solace, a fresh start, truth and forgiveness, and true love.


     Welcome to New Halem. We hope you find the 13 tales about this quirky village as much fun as we had writing them.


“It was a fun read”

“…loved the bits of fantasy and interesting characters...especially liked the local Northwest feel."                  Susan L Fitzpatrick, Amazon reviewer


"I wanted to move there"

"New Halem doesn't exist. Too bad because right from the beginning

I wanted to move there!”                      Maria of Arcadia, Amazon reviewer


"A Book of Treasures!!!"

This book is filled with great writing.                      Will, Amazon reviewer


"Unique style of writing"

"Great book, uniquely woven between five authors. Great job."

      Charles J. Loomis, Amazon reviewer


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Meet the 5 NW Authors

Kate E Thompson, Charles Thompson, Gwendolyn Van Hout Knechtel,

L. C. Mcgee, Catherine Kigerl

Rain boots and slickers required In the Pacific Northwest, stories lie under soggy carpets of pine needles; they top the highest peaks and are in the no-moon sky. Stories are found around dinner tables, in schools and crackling fires. These authors hear things, you know. The Sasquatch, the crow, the thoughts others are thinking. A distant meow. Each NW author lives with one or more cats. And while they're hard at work writing stories, the cats walk on their keyboards and pounce on their heads. The authors believe humor is essential and they're prone to bouts of belly laughs and snorting. But they can get serious and they do. They'll give you stories to think about. And wonder about. Come into their world and get acquainted.
A whimsical look at love and friendship, truth and forgiveness.

New Halem Tales: 13 Stories from 5 NW Authors

Paperback                                     $14.99

ISBN: 9780990699835      Pages: 356        Trim Size: 6" x 9"

ePub                                             $8.99

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Hardcover                                     $24.99

ISBN: 9780990699811    Pages: 356        Trim Size: 6" x 9"

ISBN: 9780990699859

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4.5/5 stars! "I felt hungry for this novel... I was dying to find out what was happening with everyone." Ashley Fae

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