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What Readers are Saying It was a Fun Read New Halem Tales---Amazon review By Susan L Fitzpatrick, Amazon reviewer “…loved the bits of fantasy and interesting characters...especially liked the local Northwest feel." True to Life Characters Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie---Goodreads Review Rating: 4.5/5 By Ashley Fae, Truth About Books "I recommend it to anyone who's interested in reading about, well. Pretty much anything. There's not a lot better than being able to be intrigued by another human's experience." I rate the story a five out of five stars The Amber Crow---Goodreads Review By Danielle Urban, BookLook Blogger "The Amber Crow is an excellent murder mystery to read. Readers everywhere will fall in love with this amazing novel. The scenes come to life with L.C. Mcgee's talented writing. Leaving readers wondering what will happen next." I wanted to move there New Halem Tales-- Amazon review by Maria of Arcadia, Amazon reviewer "New Halem doesn't exist. Too bad because right from the beginning I wanted to move there!” Asks Hard Questions Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie---San Francisco Review By Glenn Dallas "Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie is never afraid to ask hard questions and let the reader decide." Well-written mystery The Amber Crow---Goodreads Review By Cathy "This is a well-written mystery with lovable characters in a descriptive and captivating northwest setting. So glad the amber crow will be with us for two more books! Way to go, LC." Unique style of writing New Halem Tales-- Amazon review by Charles J. Loomis, Amazon reviewer "Great book, uniquely woven between five authors. Great job." What Real Friendship Means Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie---Goodreads Review By Peggy "Be forewarned, after you read the first chapter, you won't put it down until you finish!!." Touching Story Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie---Amazon Review By Brett Dent, book blogger "Thompson understands how to write two best friends. Believable and satisfying. She takes us through the whole range of emotions. Engaging."

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4.5/5 stars! "I felt hungry for this novel... I was dying to find out what was happening with everyone." Ashley Fae

Posted by TwoNewfs Publishing on Sunday, December 13, 2015



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