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Let's Get Creative-- Submission Guidelines

We are NOT currently accepting submissions. TwoNewfs is passionate about publishing great stories and working with talented authors. Above all, we’re looking for exceptional, well-written, engaging stories. Preferred length: 100,000 - 130,000 words. To submit, fill out the entire submission form. If we get excited by your work we will contact you and ask for the entire manuscript. We are a small, Seattle-based team of dedicated professionals committed to getting high quality titles in print and ebooks, by new authors, out into the marketplace. We offer very competitive royalties for authors, and simple, straightforward service by experienced staff. Use our submission form; no query letters, please. All work must be original by the author and not previously published. Your manuscript needs to be completely finished and we would like to see about 50 pages of it. Cut and paste in the opening first chapter and another chapter you feel best reflects your writing. Describe your story in no more than 40 words. This should grab your readers attention. In addition, provide a longer description of your story written to the reader like you would see on the back of the book. A detailed synopsis is important and should be written in active voice, third person and present tense. Start with a description of your protagonist, problem or conflict, and the setting. In the next section describe all major plot turns or conflicts in a strong narrative arc. Provide descriptions of any characters that should be mentioned in order for your book summary to make sense. Make sure you indicate how major conflicts are resolved in the last paragraph. This is not the summary for the back of the book. Show the magic of your surprise ending. The synopsis should include the characters' feelings and emotions and how those advance your story. Take extra time to polish your submission; spelling and grammar checkers are only tools. Demonstrate your great writing skills. As a partner in having your title reach bookstore shelves, we need to know what your marketing plan is. Who do you think will be the most interested in your story. What do you plan to do to get the word out? What can you tell us about yourself and what other works have you had published? If we're excited about your work we will email you and request the whole manuscript. After review of the whole work, if we accept and wish to proceed, a contract will be sent to you via email. That contract will have to be accepted and signed before any production of your manuscript will begin.
Submission Guidelines


The author will receive a 25% royalty from net sales and 10 copies of the book. TwoNewfs uses print-on-demand technology to publish our books and bring them to the market Book publication includes royalty, promotion, distribution, layout and design. The outlets used to distribute titles are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and are sold to other bookstores through Ingram Book Group and Partners West Book Distributing.
Reporting Time
We will respond to submissions via email. It may be anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months before a response is received in regards to your manuscript. This gives us time to look your work over and make an informed decision. Publication is usually within 9 to 12 months, after a contract is signed.


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4.5/5 stars! "I felt hungry for this novel... I was dying to find out what was happening with everyone." Ashley Fae

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