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When a vintage Packard Opera Coupe is found in their garage with a body,
Kay and Alex are driven into a collector's nightmare.

The Amber Crow and the Black Mariah  by L. C. Mcgee

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#2 in this cozy mystery series

Alex and Kay in

a new Bradestone Island mystery


   The Amber Crow and

               The Black Mariah

by L. C. Mcgee


When Alex Beahzhi and Kay Roberts discover a vintage 1932 Packard Opera Coupe in an old garage behind their new home on Bradestone Island, they quickly find themselves in another puzzling mystery.


Edgar, Willie’s amber crow, tries to warn them, but their children pull back the dusty canvas from the old heap anyway. They are shocked to find a mummified corpse with its head thrown back, its jaw a rictus grin and rotted hands clutching the steering wheel of the Black Mariah.


Who’s in the car? Was it suicide or murder? Sheriff Ujima Washington wants to find out despite the interference of Alex’s visiting friend, the famous archaeologist, Dr. Roland Shakelton, who has brought his own trouble from his last dig. Kay and her island friends, Thommy Jay, Toady, Solange and Carla, along with local realtor and island expert, Rose Bracken, can’t help but get in the way.


The puzzle gets serious with the mysterious death of the librarian who was helping to restore the Black Mariah. Alex and Roland find themselves tied in the back seat to be carried to their deaths in the waters of Scoon Bay. Kay and Ujima fall into the clutches of a deadly psychopath.


Will the amber feathered Edgar get help, or just watch it all and shake his head?

Praise for The Amber Crow

The Amber Crow is an excellent murder mystery

Review by Danielle Urban, BookLook Blogger, Goodreads


     The Amber Crow is an excellent murder mystery. Readers everywhere will fall in love with this amazing novel. The scenes come to life with L.C. Mcgee's talented writing; leaving readers wondering what will happen next.


     The story is about murders that happen in strange places leaving the police puzzled as to how the dead bodies ended up where they did. Also a couple bought a farmhouse but they soon find out that it was more than they ever wanted. People have gone missing and with dead bodies popping up there are only two who know what is happening. Both Willie and his raven ,Edgar, know more than the others. But, will they finally share the information in time to catch the murderer? Or will more dead bodies keep coming?


     I highly recommend this suspenseful novel to all readers. It's a hard novel to put down. Addictive and stunning from the very beginning. A novel unlike any other. The Amber Crow is a must read story. L.C. Mcgee knows how to lure his readers into a world so unique, refreshing, and highly entertaining. Readers will keep guessing as to who committed the crimes. I look forward to reading more novels by L.C. Mcgee. This was one alluring novel indeed.


     Overall, I rate the story a five out of five stars.


 ​                                                               Danielle Urban, Goodreads Review



Praise for The Amber Crow


A wonderful, keep you guessing 'whodunit' mystery which I thoroughly ...

By Shirley M Rose

     A wonderful , keep you guessing 'whodunit' mystery which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The story takes place on a small island in the Pacific Northwest where the characters are curious, friendly and easy going ordinary people, who find themselves with a murder to solve (well, several actually). It was so nice to read a mystery without a lot of swear words thrown in, but with a fair bit of humor.

     I will certainly recommend this book to friends, and anxiously await the next book in this series The Amber Crow and the Black Mariah.


Northwest magic

By Maria of Arcadia

     This is a mystery novel. But it is quite different than the ones you read before. No cursing, no macho guys throwing punches no stereotypes. Just your everyday Northwest community; Washington is a melting pot and so is this little village in a NW island... You feel the smells and see the colors in the background and enjoy these multi everything characters that get involved unintentionally in a murder investigation. All right, not so unintentionally.

     Along with everyday things and people, you will find magic flying along, the amber crow that leads the way to find the motives for a murder. It is hard to review without references to make your point, but also it is a mystery that I couldn't resolve to the end. So I will keep the secrets safe.

     But I will say this! I absolutely loved the characters. They are real, they are perfect with their strengths and their weaknesses. How I wish I knew them... Handling the languish is not a problem for the author either, very well edited too!


Deliteful Local Mystery

By Susan L Fitzpatrick

A great cast of characters to keep you guessing whodunit to the end, as well as lots of description on fauna and flora and weather so you know you are really in the Northwest and on the 'Salish Sea'. Bring on the next installment for more adventures with this Island's colorful cast of characters.


Meet L. C. Mcgee

       L. C. Mcgee, his wife and two rascally cats live in a coastal village near the Salish Sea (Puget Sound has a rather heavy ring to it).

     He enjoys eating, drinking, cooking, gardening, reading, yoga, music of all kinds and when he is not going through all of the above, punching out the occasional tall tale, and some short tales as well.

     He is supported in his wordy ramblings by a collection of literary rogues called the 5 NW Authors. They lead very dissimilar lives, but believe that a story must be informative, interesting, a bit out of the mainstream and most importantly, fun to write.



     Author: The Amber Crow and the Black Mariah, #2 in the Pacific Northwest Murder Mystery series.

     Contributing Author New Halem Tales: 13 stories from 5NW Authors.

     Contributing author Boy's Club (Our Golden Years) & Second Alarm (The Boy's Club). Collections of anecdotal vignettes about life in the Seattle Fire Department; gathered by Don Peterson, with special thanks to Al Sprague and Al Sprague, Jr.

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4.5/5 stars! "I felt hungry for this novel... I was dying to find out what was happening with everyone." Ashley Fae

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